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Adding Value to your Data

Strong of its expertise in the interpretation of combined down-hole and surface drilling data, Epslog has developed DREAM, a powerful software that regroup efficient algorithms, scientific techniques and visualization tools to extract valuable learning out of complex interpretation of drilling data. DREAM provides a scientific framework to objectify discussions and decision making on drilling optimization and formation properties.



  • Estimate rock strength considering the drilling bit as a downhole scratcher
  • Estimate the power and weight transmission efficiency between surface and downhole
  • Detect vibrations and provide relationships between vibrations magnitude and drilling parameters
  • Estimate the drill bit cutting efficiency
  • Detect undesired events : bit wear, bit balling or cleaning issues



DREAM addresses three main challenges in order to deal with downhole and surface data

  • handling very large amounts of data
  • recognizing signatures of particular events that occur while drilling
  • providing results that add significant value to the data and help optimize drilling operations




DREAM’s main features

  • Flexible and intuitive interface used to quickly access a whole panel of tools and graphical capabilities
  • Easily import and export data : binary files, ASCII, LAS, Matlab files, AVI,…
  • Data preprocessing : Segmentation, resampling, optimal shift finder, manual synchronization, advanced synchronization,…
  • Analysis tools : Statistical toolbox, power spectrum, spectrogram
  • Advanced bit/rock interaction toolbox used to estimate the rock properties and bit characteristics
  • Powerful graphical capabilities : time or depth axes, XY graphs, histogram chart, 3D axes, polar plot