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Cutting-edge solutions
for rock analysis

Carbon Capture & Storage 
Geothermal Energy
Mineral exploration
Oil and Gas exploration and production
Waste disposal projects
Serving the energy transition with rock
digitalization technologies tailored for sustainable
analysis of cores and drill cuttings…

EPSLOG brings core and drill
cutting analysis

into the 21st century

All in-one equipment: From core preparation to core digitalization and data integration. A surgical surface preparation on fresh cores enables high-resolution data acquisition prior to core plugging and slabbing.

Maximum data recovery for a minimum footprint and limited core exposure: Sample preservation is ensured by limiting the period of exposure to ambient conditions. Only a few millimetres of the outer surface of rock samples are powdered to access an uncontaminated core section.

Continuous transdisciplinary core measurements: Geochemistry, Sedimentology, Geology, Mineralogy, Rock Mechanics, Petrophysics. The transdisciplinary nature of CoreDNA encompasses the full spectrum of data analysis targeted by the community of core specialists.

Near-instant data and report delivery within days of the end of the campaign. Data are crunched by sophisticated AI algorithms developed to identify lithofacies prior to taking any plugging decisions and without causing irremediable damage to the core.

Versatility: CoreDNA can be deployed on any sample shape and size (full fresh cores, 1/3rd & 2/3rd cuts, resinated trays, plugs & sidewall plugs, cuttings).

Highest quality standard: Epslog controls the entire value chain by developing its own equipment and software.



Rock cores are complex objects, with value chains shared by several custodians from different disciplines, often with competing priorities. Years of experience working across disciplinary silos helped us grasp the necessity of a transversal/multi-disciplinary, sustainable approach to core analysis.

This understanding led us to develop CoreDNA;
a unique multi-sensor core digitalization program that provides quantitative high-resolution logs with unprecedented speed. QCing and integration of this comprehensive dataset start as soon as the testing campaign finishes. Deliverables are handed over to the client in a timely manner.

The CoreDNA data is formatted for AI applications designed for the rapid and systematic identification of lithofacies as per the specific requirements of each technical discipline, from sedimentology to geomechanics.

Output files are provided in industry standard formats (e.g. .las/.csv), enabling rapid integration with existing client databases at a core, formation, or even field scale. Consistency in data delivery format favours continuous refinements of AI predictors suitable
for almost all subsurface applications.

EPSLOG technology



Epslog Has Already Successfully Tested More Than 100 000 ft Of Core And Sold About 20 Benchtop Modules Around The World.

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